Push back against state surveillance

Today is The Day We Fight Back. Sign the petition, and join the movement against mass surveillance programmes. Danny O’Brien, International Director at the EFF, explains in more detail what the petition is in support of:

The short answer is that you’re signing your support for a set of 13 principles on the application of human rights to communications surveillance ( see https://necessaryandproportionate.net/ ), that were worked out last year (pre-Snowden, actually) by a coalition of technologists, privacy activists, and legal scholars … to push the idea in international venues and among key lawmakers in various countries that mass surveillance (as well as a bunch of other practices conducted by the NSA and other spooks, including corruption of crypto standards and backdoors) is a violation of existing human rights standards. This is important internationally because if the NSA gets away with its current behaviour, it’ll establish a norm that such surveillance is okay for any government to conduct. We need to push back against that norm. … I’d encourage anyone who wants to understand better how we’re trying to get all governments, not just the US, to craft better surveillance legislation to read the full text of the principles at https://necessaryandproportionate.net/text You can also ask me questions at danny@eff.org . It’s a long haul project, and we’re conducting it alongside legal actions in the US and abroad, shoring up and disseminating crypto tools, and other non-policy defences. But it’s pretty amazing to get unanimity with hundreds of privacy groups on some basic principles with which to start building proper, 21st century, surveillance law.