Blackout in Britain

We recently had a massive power outage in Britain, causing mayhem as trains were unable to move, airports had no power, and general pandemonium ensued.

UK grid frequency chart

The line at the bottom is a chart of UK grid frequency - you can see it plummet during the recent power outage (normally it’s around 50Hz and has to be kept there - if it falls below 49Hz, equipment starts disconnecting automatically as a protective measure). In total, 1.4 gigawatts (!) of generation went offline.

The coloured bars represent the energy mix. At the point of the blackout, looks like a huge drop in wind as a wind farm went offline, and a smaller drop in CCGT (combined-cycle gas turbine) as a gas plant, Little Barford, went offline simultaneously - and an increase in pumped hydroelectric storage as the grid tries to compensate.

(Power grids are magic.)