Hello, world.

So, here it is. The very first in what will hopefully become a long line of posts.

Ultimately, I want this to become a corner of the internet I can call my own—part stream of consciousness, part formal essays. The idea that this domain has been unused for years surprises me a little when I think of it, as I classically enjoyed tinkering with my website and showing off my work. Some frisson of self-consciousness must have brought an end to that as it has most of my online projects, but here I am again, come full circle, with a website once more—hopefully a little more refined than the hand-codings of a thirteen-year-old—and with it a new-found online presence.

In a few hours’ time this post will be indexed and cached by Google and the Internet Archive, a fossilised carbon copy of this tract. To some that immortality might be reason alone to publish; to me it’s a reason not to. But then, everyone is afraid of sucking. And everyone is afraid of starting. So let’s begin.